Central to the ID 4.0 project is to equip more graduates and workers with the cutting-edge know-how that can drive economic growth and prosperity in Greater Lincolnshire.

To achieve this goal awareness of the latest advances and adoption of ID 4.0 by local, national, and international industries and business are listed on this page.

From an industry perspective we see this page as yet another way for industries to engage with the university in collaborative and/or other arrangements such as student led projects, or testing their industrial solutions, and more.

For academics we expect this page to provide a sign post for cutting edge and exciting developments and solutions to refer to when developing their own material and/or modules and to make use of the success and innovation stories we list on this page.

For students we hope they find the examples listed on this page as a proof that the world is changing and becoming increasingly digital. Such a world provides exceptional challenges  but also amazing opportunities for the right graduates.


So, if you have any work of this type you want to promote please send them over to us either through the Get Involved page or directly by email to

Industry 4.0 Magazine

This is a new magazine publishing stories and various other items around the latest developments in the world of ID 4.0. The magazine serves a useful resource for academics and students.

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