21st Century Learning

Research highlights the difficulties that employers are experiencing in   recruiting candidates with the right digital skills and places the responsibility for increasing supply of digital skills with government, universities and  businesses.

The University of Lincoln has received funding from the Higher Education  Funding Council for England (HEFCE) to support a project that will bring businesses together with academia to tackle the digital skills shortage.

Working closely with employers in reciprocal outreach which will allow academics to gain a deep, meaningful and actionable understanding of where the gaps lie in employee knowledge and how to involve employers in inspirational and relevant training.

Through this page you will find learning/training and other types of educational material written around  digitalisation skill sets ready for you as an academic to either use directly in your classes or give you pointers to develop your own material.  The ID 4.0 project team is more than happy to work closely with academics from across the university on the development of customised learning and teaching resources for our students.

Equally, teaching material examples written by staff across the university showcasing ID 4.0 topics and concepts is greatly welcomed and will be referenced and published here.


This page will be updated frequently with new material, so please visit it on regular basis.


A taster of material currently offered to students on the Lincoln Award are:


For Internet of Things learning material delivered as part of the Lincoln Award reference will be made to this resource:   http://noderedguide.com/



This resource will also give you an all round view of the ID 4.0 landscape various concepts and technologies: